How to make a purchase from Sleep in Silk

1. Select the product
Start by choosing from the two headings uppermost on the page “Buy products for travelling or your home” or “Buy clothes with feeling”.  Under these two headings you’ll find all our products. All the articles are presented with an overview including a number of small pictures on the same page. If you wish you can also use the search function  to search for a product.
2. Read more about the product and add to shopping trolley
Click on one of the articles in the overview to read more about it. To order the article, enter the quantity you wish to order in the quantity field and click on the “Add to basket” button. Your article will now appear in the shopping trolley.

3. Select more articles, remove articles from the shopping trolley
If you wish to order additional articles, select them by repeating steps 1 and 2. All articles you choose to “add to basket” are shown in the shopping trolley. To change the quantity of an article, click on “change shopping trolley” and change to the required quantity. If you wish to remove an article from the shopping trolley enter “0” as the quantity and it will be removed.

4. Log in and complete the order
When you have selected the articles you want to order, click on “Go to checkout” in the shopping trolley in the lower left-hand corner. If you are not logged in you must first do so.
If you have ordered previously, enter your user name and your password and click on the “Continue” button.
If you have ordered previously, but forgotten your password, click on the line “Forgotten password” and specify your e-mail address to have it mailed to you immediately.
If you haven’t ordered previously, click on the “New customer" link.

5. Create a customer profile (not necessary - you can shop without creating a profile)
You'll only reach this step if you are a new customer. Here you specify your personal details (name, address, phone, etc.). This information is then saved so that you don’t need to enter it next time you order. You can also select a password that you use to identify yourself when you place an order.

6. Complete the order and make any required changes
You can now see the articles you’ve chosen to order and the contact details you’ve provided.
If you wish to change your shopping basket click on the “Change shopping trolley” button and make the changes required. If you wish to change your name and address information click on the “Change profile” button and make the changes required.
If you wish to complete your order click on “Purchase”.
For card payments you will need to specify your card number.

Your order is now sent. You will receive an automatic order confirmation via e-post.